Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Bye 2010!!

2010 has been a great year! I hope that 2011 only brings bigger and better things for our small family.

A recap in pics on 2010
to start the year off I was pregnant

January 29th snow storm

Chili Bowl 2010 in Tulsa, OK
Stacie and I (Ross and Greg were there also)

My best friends threw me a baby shower

Brinley Nicole Burt
born: April 21

Brinley's first professional picture

Greg's race car

Victoria won Miss Cimarron

Brinley's 1st Halloween
(a witch)

Brinley's 1st Thanksgiving

Brinley started pulling up - along with rolling crawling and everything else an 8 month old can do 

Brinley's 1st Christmas

 Brinley had her 1st play date with Gunner

These are only a few of the things that happened to us this year. There were many more first and many more things that we did, I just didn't have pictures for them all. It has been a great year and I am truly blesses to have the friends and family that I do. I love you all and hope that you have a safe and happy new year!

Love the Burt's
Greg, Becky, and Brinley Nicole

1st Play Date and A Thankful Thursday

By the end of the day yesterday I had lots to be thankful for. Details follow!!
Brinley's 1st Play Date
Anna, Rob, and Baby Gunner Jude Fife came up to visit, (Anna's dad is Greg's boss and they live next door to us). All week I have been telling Greg that I need to call Anna so Gunner and Brinley could have a play date. Well it just so happened that Anna and I were thinking the same thing because she called me Wednesday and we decided to meet on Thursday late morning. Anna and Rob brought Gunner over to our house. Brinley is around a 3yr old and a 1 yr old everyday at the sitters but it is so funny to see her interact with other children that she doesn't really know. They were so cute. Gunner is much taller than Brinley but she was not going to let his size deter her from playing rough with him. They got along great.

I got them to both look at me at the same time, not once but twice!! Such good kids!

I think B is going to be a bit of a tomboy. This is going o be hard for me to accept because I just want her to be cute and to do all the things little girls do, but I am sure her dad will love it!

I am now thankful that we do not have to talk about or look at toter homes anymore. We have been looking for a toter home for over a year now. (for those of you who don't know, a toter is similar to a small motor home with a goose neck trailer hitch) When we go racing we usually just take the dually (it's a 4 door) and the race car trailer. Well that has worked with no problems until B came along. We usually have 5 going with us. Gene, Jane, Greg, Me, and Dan (Greg's best friend and pit crew), occasionally Dan's wife Alea will go with us if she doesn't have to work. But since B is here we now have to take 2 vehicles just to go to the track because with us 5 and her car seat we cannot all fit. We realized this when I got pregnant and so Greg and Gene started looking for one then. I hate buying or making large purchase with my husband because he has to look at it, research it, think about it, and this process goes on and on until it drives me crazy. Now me, I find what I want and go buy it! Well Greg's dad is exactly the same way he is. Last year at about this time we went to Wellington to look at a very nice one that was very reasonably priced. We didn't get it because it wasn't an automatic. A few months ago we drove to Fort Worth, TX to look at one that turned out to be not nearly as nice as the pics were. Last week Greg, Gene, and Jane drove to Kansas City, KS one evening on the spur of the moment to look at a box, thinking we could then by a semi, have it stretched and put on, then decided that it might not work for us. So then we were back to square one. Well last night we drove to Woodward to look at one that has been for sale for over a year. The guy was asking way to much for it and finally came down on the price. Anyway, it was OMG awesome!!! I loved it. Very nice, exactly what we have been looking for and more. But I knew better than to get my hopes up because this has happened before and it was a lot of money! But before we left Gene had made an offer and the guy took it. YEAH!!!!!!! So the hunt is finally over and I am so happy, you have no idea. We won't get it for a few weeks because we r getting new tires, batteries, and getting it serviced. I will post pics when we get it. I am so Thankful that the look is over and we can all ride to the track together!!! Brinley will also be able to crawl around because there is plenty of room in it.  Pics to come later!
I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year.
Good by 2010!! You have been good to me but I hope 2011 is even better!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spending time with Brinley

So this week all my time has been spent with Brinley. I LOVE IT! I really wish that I could be  SAHM at times but I really enjoy my job and it makes me appreciate my kids in the classroom even more. I also think that Brinley loves the interaction she gets with the sitters kids. They are 3 and 1 years old.
I don't have to go back to work until Monday Jan. 3 and I have very much enjoyed this week off. Monday and Tuesday we stayed at home and I cleaned while Brinley napped and when she was up we played. I love play time with B. She is starting to develop the cutest personality and I just love it when she "talks to me" and claps because she likes something. She has been so good. She has slept in until about 9 or 9:30 every day this week, unless we had to get up early to go somewhere.
Such a happy girl ready for bed.

This is how she sits now. I think it is the cutest thing ever.

On Wednesday we got up early to head to Lahoma because we were having cheer practice. Our Homecoming is next Friday and we are working on a dance that we have to get perfected before then. We almost have it down just have to get our timing with the music right. Brinley just loves all the girls! She also loved all the open roaming crawling area that she had! After practice we picked up my mom and my sister Victoria and headed to Tulsa. There is a Boutique that makes bows and they were having an awesome sale that I just couldn't pass up. Since B is finally getting some hair I decided that I needed to get some smaller bows so I decided to stock up! While we were there we ran into Heather and her gorgeous daughter Hadlea. You can read about them here! Heather went to school with my husband Greg. I had only met her one other time when she helped me with Jennifer's baby shower for Adylyn, which seems like ages ago. This was my first time to finally meet Hadlea and Brinley just loved her. She kept patting her on the shoulder, it was so cute!
Thanks you so much Heather for letting me know where all the great deals in Tulsa were and we hope to see you again soon.
After seeing Heather and Hadlea, we finished a little more shopping and went to eat at Ted's. YUMMY! I even brought home some chips, salsa, queso, and tortillas for the hubby! He loved them, brownie points for me! Maybe he won't be so upset about the money I spent on clothes and bows! HAHA, fat chance.
It was a late drive home but B was a trooper. Thanks mom and Tori for going with us, you were a big help!!
We will have another visitor today and then a trip to Woodward to look at a toter (mixed feeling on this subject, update about those feelings to come later). Until then enjoy your Thursday!

Christmas #4

Christmas a Grandma Berneta's house. This was our last Christmas to celebrate! On Christmas Evening we went to my mom's house to open presents with her and my sister Victoria. Brinley is so lucky to have both of her grandparents live within a few miles of her. She gets to see them all the time and I know that they love it!

B and her Grandma Berneta

B and Aunt Tori digging into her stocking. She got some bath toys, 2 Christmas books, some socks and a few other things. I know it sounds silly but my mom still gives us stocking each year for Christmas. I hope that this is a tradition that I can continue for Brinley when she is grown!

She always has her tongue out when she is concentrating very hard!

YEAH!! She must have been excited about what she was looking at!

Such a cute hat!

More paper? Yes Please!!

"Mom you open it, I'll just snack on this yummy paper!"

Brinley got a Giraffe stand and play toy, a musical radio, some socks, 2 books, an outfit from her Aunt, a rubber ducky and ladybug bath toys, a cute sticking hat, a baby cabbage doll and a real cabbage doll!

We had a great time and my mom's house. Greg and i got some great things as well. He got a Seinfeld DVD (one of his all time fav shows) a Lowe's gift card, and a few other things that I can't remember. I got a pair of Black glittery Tom's, a new scarf, an Atwood's gift card (cause I want a pair of cowboy boots), and some other stuff as well. I can't quite remember everything I got from everybody because we did 3 different Christmas's in 1 day.
All in all we had a great Christmas and I am excited to not have to go back to work until after the new year. An entire week with m baby girl. I'll let you know what we do during the week later!! Until then, enjoy every moment as if it were your last!!

Christmas #3 at Grandma Jane's

Christmas #3 for us was on Christmas afternoon. We went to Grandma Jane's and Papa Gene's after we opened presents at our house on Christmas Morning. We were going to have Fried turkey and Greg was doing the cooking because Gene had to work the night  before and was catching up on his sleep. They bought a turkey fryer a few years ago and it is the best turkey ever.

We were trying to get a family picture and Socks, Gene and Jane's Boxer, thought she needed to be in on this picture as well.

And finally a good one!

Brinley trying yet again to eat the wrapping paper!

Playing with the new toy that Grandma and Grandpa got for her. She absolutely loves this thing!!!

Brinley got a stand and play toy, a new pair of Nike's, a new pair of cute boots, a box of diapers (which where much needed) and some money (which will be put into savings)!

She likes this toy so much she wanted to eat it!

Trying to get a picture of her bouncing on daddy's leg!

We had a great Christmas at Greg's parents. They are always so good to us and just love Brinley to pieces. We got them a canvas picture of Brinley. They got us a Bamboo cutting board and a Food Dehydrator. we have already made one batch of Jerky and it is almost gone! Thanks Jane and Gene for all that you do for us! We love you very much!

Christmas Morning

This would be our 2nd Christmas to celebrate.
I wanted to start our own family tradition so Greg and I decided that we will always have Christmas Morning at our house just our little family. It was very nice to have time just us 3 well 4, I can't leave Coco out. I know that we have a lot of time to ourselves throughout the year and it is great to spend time with family, but it is also nice to slow down and really enjoy our time together!
We didn't do much at our house Christmas Morning because we knew that Brinley wouldn't care to much about opening presents and she doesn't need anymore toys. We also knew that Grandma Berneta and Grandma Jane would get her plenty of toys to play with.
Brinley is such a good sleeper and she didn't get up until 9:30 Christmas Morning. She has let me sleep till about 9am every morning. She is the best daughter ever.

Time to open presents!

Brinley was not interested in our Christmas Tree until I started to put presents under it.

She wanted to eat all the pretty wrapping paper and the bows!!

This is what Brinley got from mom and dad and Santa. Santa knew that she needed more long sleeve clothes and sleepers because she has outgrown almost all the ones she has.

Our Christmas Morning was wonderful! Greg and Santa got me a new video camera (I am still trying to figure out how to get it all loaded onto the computer, once I have time to do that there will be some Christmas Videos loaded for you to see).
I got Greg a ticket to the NASCAR race in Texas (Jane got one for Gene that he will open later today). As much as Greg is into racing I cannot believe that he has not yet been to a Nascar race. I however went to one a few years ago with my dad and really enjoyed it. I know that Greg will have a great time. I have to admit that I'm kinda sad I won't be going but Greg very much deserves to have a good time watching what he loves! 
This Christmas was much different than last year. I was pregnant and could only imagine what Christmas was going to be like with a baby. Brinley is so funny and would clap each time we opened a gift. I love her so much and cannot wait until next Christmas when she will be much more into the gift opening. We still have Christmas at Grandma Jane's and Christmas at Grandma Berneta's house to go!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve - This would be our first Christmas to celebrate. It has been a long time family tradition to go to Grandma and Grandpa Penner's (my mom's parents) on Christmas Eve. My grandparent live in Isabella, it a bit of a drive from our house but not to far. I cannot remember a Christmas Eve that has not been spent at my Grandma's house. Everyone is always there and it is so nice to get together with family. My mom doesn't have a big family, it's just her mom and dad, her, and her brother, and my grandpa has 2 sisters but only one lives here and the other is in California and we rarely ever see her. I am always excited about our Christmas Eve get together because we have Nachos for dinner as well as all kinds of homemade goodies, cookies, candies, and anything you could imagine. I was even more excited about it this year because we would have Brinley there with us. I cannot wait until she can appreciate getting to go to Grandma's and having Nachos for Christmas eve. I didn't get many pictures taken because Santa brought me a new video camera so that I could video Christmas. The pictures were left to Greg and he is not much of a picture person. My mom posted some on her facebook so I stole some from her!

Brinley and I before we ate dinner and opened presents

Brinley would much rather play with Aunt Vicki's phone than any other toy she has!

Aunt Betty, my grandpa's sister

Grandma Penner

Grandpa Penner

Aunt Vicki helping B open here presents

This is what Greg and I did while B opened her presesnts

The dress that Grandma made for Brinley!

Grandma feeding Wyatt (Holly's little boy) some goodies!

Alex (Holly's oldest) with his shot gun that we got him! He loved it

Brinley got a baby doll from Aunt Betty, a dress fromGreat Grandma and Grandpa, and a book and a new nighty from Grandma Berneta!
I love this book, it is a touch a feel book and Brinely like to feel the things and then thinks she needs to lick them! It is to funny.
I am so thankful the Brinley gets the opportunity to spend time with her great grandparents. We are truly blessed that they are still in our lives. Brinley didn't care to much for opening presents, I didn't think she would, but we had a great time and can't wait until the next time we all get to get together again. It's time to go home and get to bed so Santa can stop by our house.