Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy 7 months Brinley

I know that I say this every month but I can not believe that my baby girl is growing up so fast. She is already 7 months old. 7 months!!!! Can you believe it?!?!
Each month these pictures get harder to take. She no longer wants to just sit still for me, but wants to crawl off of the chair.

What is Brinley up to?!
  • She is eating breast milk for her morning and bedtime feedings and formula for everything in between. She eats. 6oz every 3 - 4 hours.
  • She is eating baby food 2 times a day.
  • She really loves squash.
  • She goes to the sitter while mommy and daddy are at work.

  • She definitely knows when I leave the room and lets everyone else know that she isn't happy about it.
  • She is becoming a mommies girl (secretly I love it)!
  • She sleeps about 10 hrs at night. Goes down between 8-9 and we wake her between 645-7.
  • She is still in 1-2 diapers, though she has almost outgrown them.

  • She is the happiest and smiles the biggest when she wakes up in the AM or from a nap.

  • She loves to be outside even though the weather is getting colder.

  • She is a people watcher just like her mom and dad

  • She wants to touch all the other babies that she sees.

  • She can put the pacifier in her mouth all by herself although she would rather chew on it than suck on it.

    • She is trying to figure out the sippy cup but doesn't care to much for it.
    • She loves to drink water.
    • She is always making noise. I think she loves to hear herself.

    You are my world. I couldn't ask for a more perfect daughter. We have so much fun together and I cherish every moment that I have with you. I hope that our relationship only continues to grow stronger and that I can teach you to become the young lady that you have the potential to become.
    I love you more than you will ever know.

    I won!

    I am so excited! I rarely win giveaways or prizes and I have finally won something. Actually I won it back a the end of October and am just now getting around to posting about it. I am way behind on posting.  I was so excited to win this giveaway even though it was for Brinley and not for myself. HAHA
    Thanks to Three kids, a mini-van, and a lot of love for hosting the Sunshine Shoppe giveaway. I won a $10 gift card to the Sunshine Shoppe and this is what I spent my money on.

    Infant nonslip clips: I was very interested in these because the owner claimed that they would not fall out of babies hair even if there was very little of it. Which my daughter has little to no hair, she is slowly getting more. I really wanted to try them out. And to my surprise they STAY IN HER HAIR, what little she has anyway.

    Here are a few pics of the orange one in her hair. As you can tell she has very little and the clip is staying in.

    I think she looks very different with a small clip/bow than her big bows that I usually have her in.

     I also used my GC to get the lilac flower (I love it!)

    And I got the sliver FOE headband. 

    Thanks again to Three kids, a mini-van, and a lot of love for hosting this giveaway. If you have not checked out her blog your missing out. Thank you to the Sunshine Shoppe for your great products.

    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING & pulling up

    I am so thankful this thanksgiving for my wonderful little family consisting of my husband, my daughter, and my dog Coco. They mean the world to me. We celebrated two Thanksgivings today and enjoyed both of them. I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

    Today is the 1st day that Brinley pulled herself up onto her knees. She just looked so cute sittting there that I had to take a picture.

    I wish I would have gotten a pic of the front of her shirt. It says "Everyone's Thankful for ME!"

    She also has a cute Turkey shirt that she is gonna wear to Granma Jane's and Papa Gene's and I'll post that later.


    Monday, November 22, 2010

    The Nutcracker

    Warning: If you don't want to know how awesome of a dancer that I think my sister is, you should not read this post. HAHA

    So this weekend Greg and Iwent to see my sister Victoria perform in The Nutcracker Ballet put on by Dance Works of Enid. She did a wonderful job. I don't want to brag but she is an awesome dancer and I hope that can do great things with her outstanding talent. She had 6 different parts with in the ballet and they performed it twice on Saturday and once on Friday. She was so tired today when I took her to school. There was no flash photography allowed but here are a few pics that the photographer took. I don't have a pic of each part that she did just the snow scene and the Arabian scene. My favorite dance was the Snow Angels dance (white costume), Victoria did a duet in this dance.

    Such a beautiful dancer!

    She looks so happy

    I just love this costume!

    Tori and her duet partner

    The Arabian dance costume

     Me, Tori, and Greg

    Tori and Mom

    Tori and Reagan (Reagan was a soldier and an Iris)

    Tori , The Nutcracker himself, and Mrs. Nikki (her dance instructor)

    She's in love!!!! HAHA

    I love this girl so much and she has no idea how much. I know that I harp on her all the time but she really is a great sister and my life would be very boring without her. I love you Victoria and I only wish the best for you in all that you do. Greg and I are here for you anytime that you need us no matter how big or small the situation is. We love you!

    Monday, November 15, 2010

    Forgot to post about Family/Halloween pics

    I have been so busy that I forgot to post about the Family and Halloween pics that a family friend took for us. Debi Cobb of Photo Memories took some awesome pics for us. She took these on October 30th and I thought that I had already posted about them, but as I was looking back through my posts I realized that I hadn't posted yet. I can't believe that I forgot because they are so good. I can't post any of them on here yet because I haven't ordered any (mainly because I can't decide what ones I want and what size I want). So click here to see the pics. Click on The Burts and the password is burt. Let me know what your favorite ones are and maybe that will help me decide.
    If you are wanting to take some family pics or pictures for any occasion and are located in the OKC area, she is the one you should contact. You can find her on facebook!
    Thank you so much Debi, you are awesome!

    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    B's 6 month pics

    We have been very busy, but managed to squeeze in some 6 month pictures of Brinley! I think these are so much better than her 3 month pics, of course she can now sit up and crawl so they were much easier to do.
    Anyway I love them, and she is such a ham.

    I love this outfit, and the stool and shoes work perfect with it!

    Love the pearls


    Theses are for daddy, we took a pic with his helmet when I was pregnant and when she was a newborn.

    In the hat that Grandma Jane made for her!

     I just love this flower (it was made by Blossful Bows)

    I think this might be my favortie pic of the whole session!

    Sunday, November 7, 2010


    B is CRAWLING!!!!!
    As of November 4, 2010
    She has been Army Crawling for some time now and taking one or two crawls, but she has finally taken off and there is no stopping her.

    Who Me?

    I don't know whether to be happy or sad about this! It seems like yesterday that she was just born and would helplessly lay there, now she is becoming independant and going where ever she wants to go!

    Friday, November 5, 2010

    You could have 50 free photocards from Shutterfly!

    Shutterfly is offering bloggers the chance to get 50 free Holiday cards. All you need to do is go Here to submit your blog.

    I have not really used Shutterfly, but when I saw this offer I decided I would try them out. I really like the idea of being able to order my pints from home and having them sent to me. Usually I have to wait in line at the photo store to use the machines and then wait for them to load and then print. With a 6 month old baby, that is to much waiting. Their prices are very reasonable for the convenience of staying at home. I also like that you can choose a folded or a flat card as well as different sizes.

    When I saw that they were doing this promotion I knew I wanted to take part. I always send out Christmas Cards with a family pic on them and there is nothing better than getting them for a much much cheaper price!!
    They have so many choices for Christmas Cards. I love them all but think this might be my favorite. Truely I haven't decided yet though.

    They have cards for many other occasions as well. My baby girl will have a birthday in April, I know that seems like a ways away but it will be here before I am ready for her to 1. Here is the link to their birthday card choices. This is the card I am thinking about usuing for her B-day.

    Shutterfly currently has a promotion going on. They are currently offering 20% off all holiday cards. You don't want to miss out on this! Great deal!
    Shutterfly will definitely be the place I order my Christmas Cards from. I hope it's your choice too!

    B's 1st Halloween

    We didn't do much for Halloween this year. Friday night was the school carnival and Greg brought Brinley out there so I could see her cause I was stuck there working the booth for my 3rd grade class. And Saturday we went to Oklahoma City to Will Rogers Park to take some family pics. Check them out here if you would like. The password is burt. A family friend took them for us and she did an awesome job. Thanks Debi! 
    On Halloween we usually go over to Jane's so I can hand out candy but this year we took B to see some friends and family.
    B was a witch. I am so proud of this costume. I made her tutu, found the hat at Old Navy, got the onesie monogrammed and got the diaper cover and leg warmers off of Etsy.
    Greg's nieces were in town on Sunday to visit Grandma Jane so we headed over there to see them ant their kiddos. WE got a few pics of all of them together. They are such a hoot. I can't wait until B is able to run around with them. Wait, I'm not sure I want her doing that yet!

    Good Morning
    B in her Halloween nighty

    Ady, Brinley, and Reese
    (this is as good as the group pic can get, at least they are all looking up)

    Such a cute Tiger

    Pretty Smile

    Precious Face

    She is such a happy girl

    Love the pumpkin with warts on it, cause she is a witch

    diaper cover pic

    They are so sweet!

    He didn't want to take a pic until I started takin some of B, then I couldn't get him to stop posing! He just needed B's hat!

    The whole outfit (bow substituted for hat)

     Family Pic

    She loves those fingers

    Dad's Last Race and Sitting Up

    Dad's Last Race was Oct. 23rd and 24th here in Enid. I wasn't going to go because I went to An Affair of the Heart on Sat. with Alea (I got some great stuff), and had cheer practice Sun. evening. But I didn't want to miss out. So I bundled B up and off we went after a long day of shopping.
    All I can say is "Have you seen A Christmas Story"
    (this is after the races)

    B is sitting up on her own!!!!!!
    As of October 26, 2010