Sunday, August 28, 2011

1st Day of School and Racing in Lawton 8-20-11

Friday (8-19-11) was the 1st day of school. I remember my 1st day of school (as a teacher) 5 years ago. I was the Pre-K teacher and I was so nervous...mostly wondering if this was what I really wanted to be doing for the rest of my life! I quickly learned that I loved teaching and the only other thing I prefer doing is being a SAHM! Since that day I have taught Pre-K (2yrs), 3rd grade (3 yrs), and I am now teaching 1st grade. My class is wonderful and we are going to have a wonderful year!
Saturday Morning (8-20-11) Greg decided he wanted to go to Lawton to race. Nothing like a last minute decision! I packed B up and Greg got the race car ready. Greg, B, myself, Uncle Dan, and Papa loaded up and headed south. Gene's long time friend, Gail showed up. I have only met him a hand full of times but he is great! B isn't to sure about him yet, though she did let him hold her...surprising! Don't worry Gail, she'll warm up to you at some point!
I got B to wave at her dad before he went out for mud laps and she decided that she needed to wave at every driver that she could see drive off. It was so cute. She would hear them start up their car and off she would go to wave/say bye-bye. Needless to say I got a workout. Secretly I think her dad loved seeing her wave to him before he went out!
Greg did OK.
Heat: Started 4th row outside (8th) and finished 5th.
Feature: Started 5th row outside (10th) and finished 8th.
Not the best but we came home in one piece. Kind of a win-win situation I guess.
It was a late night and so we loaded up and headed home.
Sorry no pics :(. It's no easy to get pics when I have to chase a 16 month old around! It can be pretty dangerous in the pits so I have to keep a close eye on her.

B's 1st Day of Daycare!

I started back to work on Monday Aug. 15th. B went to Nana's (which is where she will go on Monday's and Wednesday's). B's first day of Daycare was Tuesday Aug. 16th. She is only going to Miss Michelle's part-time right now (Tues., Thurs., and Fri.). Greg and I both dropped her off. Greg hadn't been there and I wanted to be there for her 1st day!
We had been here twice before so B kinda knew the place and Miss Michelle but she was still a little leery. She cried just a bit when we left her. I think my heart was breaking more than hers was. I told Greg this year is harder for me to go back to work than last year. She is just so much more playful and is learning so much right now! Everyday she has something new that she can do or a new word she can say! When does the growing stop??!!
I picked B up after work and she was so excited to see me. I love it when she runs up to me with a BIG smile and gives me hugs and kisses without me asking for them! Miss Michelle said she was wonderful. B even did an art project. (of course Miss Michelle had to help her a little)
I can't wait to see what else she is capable of! We might have a little Picasso on our hands!!

A Bachelorette Party

My husbands good friend it getting married in a few weeks. Greg was invited to the Bach party and Cory's fiance was kind enough to invite me to her bachelorette Party. I don't didn't know Amy that well but we quickly became good friends. Saturday morning we dropped B off at Nana's (formerly known as Gma Jane) and we headed over to Cory and Amy's house. The boys headed to OKC and the girls headed to Wichita!
We had a great time. We met her friends at the Hotel at Old Town. We all got ready and headed to dinner at Old Chicago. Delicious!
My dinner was free because they continued to mess up my pizza before they even delivered it to the table. After dinner the party started. That's about all the information I can divulge to you! HA! Let's just say we had a blast! And from what I heard the boys did too!
The Bride to Be all dressed up and all the girls

Sunday morning we headed back home. I was more than excited to get home and see my baby girl! Greg got home first and sent me this pic of B!
 Thanks Amy, Courtney and Stephanie for a wonderful night! Amy, I wish you and Cory the best!!

My Classroom Project

I decided that I wanted a cute chair to put in the reading center of my classroom. I have seen lots of old chairs that people have redone in a cute color and recovered the cushion with a trendy fabric...and they are so cute. So I set out on a mission. 
I found this chair for 50 cents at a thrift store. Reg. price $10. A great buy! I primed it with KILLS. Then painted it purple (which was leftover from my colleagues room painting project)! And covered the cushion with zebra fabric to get this finished product!
This has inspired to me to repurpose lots of old things! Lets see how long the fire will last!

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Last Free Week...Before School Starts

I have been spending a lot of time in my classroom. Summer is kinda over for me. So I wanted to spend some extra time with B because she will start daycare next week. We went out to eat at Applebee's and B got to sit in a booster seat for the first time. She usually does very well in a high chair but she wanted nothing to do with it this time. So we asked for a booster and she was amazing!
Eatin Good in the Neighborhood
(you can't really tell but she has a ponytail in)
 And because her daddy loves us so much he took us to Cherry Berry after dinner! B and I love FroYo! She isn't much of a sweets person unless it is some sort of ice cream! Thanks Daddy! We love you!

Terrible Wind Storm Aug 8, 2011

We had a terrible wind storm come through on Aug 8, 2001. I was out at the school getting my classroom ready when one of the other teachers said her dad had called to warn her about a bad storm coming though. I decided it was time to wrap up and head home. I thought that I was going to make it but I was caught right in the middle. It was a little freaky. I had to drop my friend off at her house and when I left the wind was blowing so bad that I could hardly see where I was going! Thankfully I made it home safe and we didn't have any damage, just no electricity. the neighborhood my friend lives in had uprooted trees and lots of things blown everywhere!
Monday night we slept in the toter because it was way to hot to stay in the house with B. She was a little confused on why she was in the toter and not going anywhere!
Here are some pics of the damage at the fairgrounds.
(what used to be the Pit Shack, garage door by the stands, down power lines)

B's 1st Full Ponytail

I am way behind on blogging.
This is b with her first full ponytail. It was August 9th. Her hair is  really thin so I don't think it will be up in one much becase she also tries to pull it out. As much a I love bows and fixing her hair, she loves to pull them out! Ha
(this is from my phone so the quality is kinda poor)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We've Got A Swimmer

I have been working in my classroom for the last week. I was moved from the 3rd grade to the 1st grade. The room I moved into was beyond ugly. 5 different colors of paint on the walls from more than 20 years ago I'm sure. If you know me, then you know I need things to be clean and organized.....So I painted and then had to go through everything!
While I've been doing this my mom has been keeping B. My mom hurt her arm a few weeks ago and is now doing better but they haven't released her to go back to work. B has been enjoying staying at Grandma B's. My mom has a pool that is 4 ft. deep all around so B can't touch, but she loves to swim. The other day my mom put arm floaties on B and she just took off. Yesterday mom said she swam from one side of the pool to the other all by herself multiple times. She loves the water!

We went to OKC with Aunt Alea on Friday. She had to go pick something up and didn't want to drive by herself. We took the car seat out of Greg's truck for B. This is how she rode all the way home while swaying back and forth dancing to the music! She is too funny!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

An unexpected trip to MO.

We haven't been up to much lately. Last Tuesday I got a call from my Grandma Penner. It was not a good call. My Uncle Cecil (my Gma's brother-in-law) was on his way to his granddaughter's wedding and had collapsed in the airport. They had transported him to the hospital and the results were not looking good. He had had a stroke and a collapsed lung. Things continued to get worse and he passed on Thursday.
My Grandma called and asked if I could drive them to the funeral service. We left on Saturday morning and headed to my Aunt Eva (my Gma's sister) and Uncle Benton's home in Nevada, MO. Brinley doesn't know her Great Grandparents very well only because we don' get to see them often. So she was a little leery of them at first but soon warmed up. She really enjoyed Aunt Eva and Uncle Benton. She loved Aunt Eva's baby rocker!
 My grandparents are Mennonite, a  Christian religion with very different beliefs. There are very few pictures of them because they don't believe in it, so no family pics on this trip. After cleaning up we headed to the church in Rich Hill, MO (about 25 minutes from Nevada) for family dinner and the viewing of Uncle Cecil. dinner was delicious. It is very rare the the entire family gets together so when they do I have to try to remember them all. My Grandma has 12 brothers and sister (5 of which are deceased)! After dinner and visiting we headed back to Eva's for the night.
Brinley was in a great mood Sunday morning so I quick snapped a pic of us before we left to go to the service.
 She also had to play with Gma's cane.
 The service was at 10:30. The church congregation served us lunch after the service. Lunch once again was delicious. After that we headed to my Aunt Maggie's home. (Maggie is Cecil's wife). We stayed there all afternoon and late into the evening. It was so wonderful to spend time with family I rarely get to see. Brinley loved all the attention (this was the first time any of them had meet her). I hope that we get to meet up again soon...but not to lay someone to rest.
We got up Monday morning to head home. We decided to drive through Joplin to see the tornado damage. I have never seen first hand any sort of devastation like this. It absolutely took my breath away. We drove by he hospital and through the center of the tornado path. It was amazing (I don't mean this is a wonderful sort of way!) There was absolutely nothing left standing. Piles of debris were everywhere. The most horrifying thing I saw was a home that had been completely destroyed and all that was left was the cement pad and the steps that led to what once was the front door. I tried to take a picture while driving. It's not very good. This used to be neighborhood with houses everywhere.
We stopped in Tulsa at Hideaway Pizza to eat lunch and B wanted to sit with Gma. Gma was just thrilled, as you can see by her expression in this photo.

Brinley did wonderful on this unexpected trip. I am so thankful that I got to see m Grandmother's side of the family once again. Thank you so much Aunt Eva and Uncle Benton for opening your home to us and for the wonderful breakfast every morning and nightly snacks. Brinley especially enjoyed them. We hope to see you again soon.
Family members who Brinley met on this trip: Aunt Eva and Uncle Benton and their children, Aunt Maggie and her children, Aunt Hannah, Uncle Henry and Aunt Gladys, (Eva, Maggie, Hannah, and Henry are Gma's siblings), and many more cousins that I can't even begin to keep track of.