Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Easter 2012 with the Burt's

Sunday, April 8th
After Easter with my family, we headed to Greg's parents to have dinner! First thing first....Dig into the Easter basket!

She didn't care for much else in the basket when she saw the sidewalk chalk. She insisted on changing her clothes so she could draw.

Ready, Set, Go Hunt! This time she knew exactly what to do and there was no one to compete with, so all the eggs were hers!

After she found them all she knew exactly what to do...sit down and open them. In the process, she decided she didn't like jelly beans! The look on her face was priceless!

Brinley also got to have an Easter Party at Daycare. I didn't get to go because I couldn't get off work, but this is her Easter Basket that they made to hunt eggs with and her party favor. I think this basket is super cute.

Easter 2012 with the Penner's

April 8th
We loaded up to head to my Grandparents house to have an Easter lunch and an egg hunt for the kiddos. It was quite a get together! Grandma and Grandpa Penner, Uncle Gary, mom, Holly, Alex, Wyatt, Tori, Greg, Brinley, and I were all there! Lunch was delicious, grandma's always cook the best meals! After lunch the guys hid the eggs for the kids, while they peeked inside their Easter Baskets.

Brinley didn't quite understand what to do at first but then she got the hang of it and was a little upset when all the eggs had been found.
 Notice the shoes!! (She was not going to wear the cute sandals I had for her!!)

Until....she realized that there was candy inside of them! And it was her favorite....SIXLETS!!!

After the egg hunt B wanted to go see Uncle Gary's horses so Aunt Tori took her our into the field in heels and all!

We had a great time and I love going to my Grandparents house. It is so peaceful there. No TV, No Internet, No distractions! Sometimes it is nice to have those days!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

McCartney Girls and First Win of the Season!

March 29th and 30th.
Jorge and Maddie stayed with us for the weekend. Their parents and Cortney were headed out of town to go racing and the girls wanted to stay with us. I am always up for them staying. They are great girls and B loves to play with them. The girls keep B very entertained!
While the guys worked on getting the car ready for Meeker, the girls had some fun!

On Friday we headed to Meeker. Greg and his parents headed down early and the girls and I left right after school, picked up Dan and headed that way!
We got there just in time to see the guys unload the race car. It always feels like the car is going to roll off the back of the trailer!

B telling the guys what to do!

B cleaning off the mud from the heat race!

 It turned out to be a great night! Greg won the feature and we all went home happy! It was a close race but he pulled it off!

Leonardo's Discovery Warehouse

March 21st.
We went to Leonardo's Discovery Warehouse with Mema (my mom), Holly, Alex, and Wyatt! B had a blast. They have an inside museum and an outside playhouse which looks like a huge castle! B and I will definitely be going back!

Enid Car Show and St. Patty's Day

March 17
Enid Speedway held their car show at the Oakwood Mall. Greg decided to enter his car this year. It already had one race on it so it wasn't the prettiest but still got a lot of compliments!
Our rig was way to big to just drive across town and unload! So, This is how we rolled in! Ghetto! My Tahoe and an Open Trailer.

B got to help daddy drive the car into the mall!
My girl in her St. Patty's Day dress

After we got the car delivered. We took B to my mom's house and Greg and I had dinner with Cory and Amy. We went and picked the car back up then headed out for drinks!
Amy and I
We had a great night! Thanks Amy and Cory for inviting us out!

Picking Our Battles!

March 8th
B thought I had my boots on today so she demanded to wear hers to daycare! Hope she enjoys them!


March 1st - 3rd.
The first race of the season!!! WAHOOO!!!!!
We left For Texas Motor Speedway on Thursday as always. We stopped in Thackerville, OK to eat at Toby Keith's Bar and Grill located in the Winstar Casino. As always it was delicious. We got to the race track and set up camp.
I love how the car looks this year!

Greg went to check out the track to get ready for practice and B was following right behind him! This girl loves her daddy and racecars! 

Greg's first run wasn't to good. He came in, bled the breaks and went back out. The car looked like it handled much better! He was ready for the heats and features on Friday!

Friday: B immediately got out her 4-wheeler and started having fun as soon as she got up! All the guys driving by were just laughing at her. She drove in circles for ever!

Greg looked great in hot laps. He went out for his heat and hurt the motor. I blame it on Whitey! He was asking if the door of our trailer had a hook on it to use to change a motor if needed! He jinxed us! Because we had to use it! The guys changed the motor and everything was set up for night two of racing!

Saturday: No heats only last chance qualifiers. If you don't make it out of this your done.
Greg started 14th in the third B Qualifier. He finished 8th and they only took the top 4. I am still very proud of him for driving as hard as he did after a long/hard night before!