Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Easter 2012 with the Penner's

April 8th
We loaded up to head to my Grandparents house to have an Easter lunch and an egg hunt for the kiddos. It was quite a get together! Grandma and Grandpa Penner, Uncle Gary, mom, Holly, Alex, Wyatt, Tori, Greg, Brinley, and I were all there! Lunch was delicious, grandma's always cook the best meals! After lunch the guys hid the eggs for the kids, while they peeked inside their Easter Baskets.

Brinley didn't quite understand what to do at first but then she got the hang of it and was a little upset when all the eggs had been found.
 Notice the shoes!! (She was not going to wear the cute sandals I had for her!!)

Until....she realized that there was candy inside of them! And it was her favorite....SIXLETS!!!

After the egg hunt B wanted to go see Uncle Gary's horses so Aunt Tori took her our into the field in heels and all!

We had a great time and I love going to my Grandparents house. It is so peaceful there. No TV, No Internet, No distractions! Sometimes it is nice to have those days!

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