Thursday, June 7, 2012

McCartney Girls and First Win of the Season!

March 29th and 30th.
Jorge and Maddie stayed with us for the weekend. Their parents and Cortney were headed out of town to go racing and the girls wanted to stay with us. I am always up for them staying. They are great girls and B loves to play with them. The girls keep B very entertained!
While the guys worked on getting the car ready for Meeker, the girls had some fun!

On Friday we headed to Meeker. Greg and his parents headed down early and the girls and I left right after school, picked up Dan and headed that way!
We got there just in time to see the guys unload the race car. It always feels like the car is going to roll off the back of the trailer!

B telling the guys what to do!

B cleaning off the mud from the heat race!

 It turned out to be a great night! Greg won the feature and we all went home happy! It was a close race but he pulled it off!

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