Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy 16 months Brinley

Can it be.....Can Brinley really be 16 months old? Well as of August 21, 2001 she is!
(OK, I know I am a little behind on this post, but life has been happening!)
I cannot believe how fast she is growing and how quickly she learns new things. It seems that she does something new everyday. She is so funny and always has us laughing. I love this stage of her life!
What is Brinley up to?!
  • Her schedule: I am back at work so her schedule has changed a bit. 7am-wakes up and had a cup of milk and a cereal bar, 7:45am-gets dropped off at daycare and had breakfast (yes again!), 9am-morning snack, 11:30am-lunch, 12-1:30pm-nap time, 3-afternoon snack, 4:30pm-mommy picks her up from daycare, 6:30pm-dinner, 7:45pm, bath and bedtime.
  • She goes to Nana's (Gma Jane's) on Mondays and Wednesdays and to Miss Michelle's (her daycare) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
  • She is an eater. She snacks all day, mainly on animal crackers and water.
  • She wants to eat whatever you are eating. She loves to dip everything!
  • She still loves water best but will occasionally have apple juice.
  • She runs everywhere she goes. Very little walking. She looks so funny when she runs. Her little hips just twist from side to side and her arms swing like crazy.
  • She has started trying to jump/hop off the steps.
  • Words Brinley says: peas (please), uh-uh (no), no-no, noooo, me (when she wants something), hi, bye-bye, momma, mommy, dadda, daddy, baby, papa, nana, ba (bath) wa-wa (sippy), Coco - apparently we yell at Coco a lot because Brinley does, tee (teeth), mine, eat, bite, sho (shoe), ash - trash, cocks (don't judge!) (Socks - Nana's Dog),  car, go, one (like own for phone) cow, no (nose), eye, and she babbles a lot!
  • She can point to her: nose, ear, eye, hair, and belly.
  • She can tell you where your nose and eyes are.
  • She loves to talk on her play phone, but when she hears someone through the real phone she is completely confused!
  • She loves to play with her babies. She feeds them and brings them to me to wrap up so she can carry them around.
  • She sleeps from 8pm to 7am on school nights and will sleep even later on the weekends. I love her for this!
  • She has 16 teeth. 8 on the top and 8 on the bottom.
  • She is still in a size 3 diaper but I am pretty sure we will be in a 4 very soon.
  • She is wearing some 12 month clothes but mostly 18 month clothes.
  • She can wear a size 3 or 4 shoe, just depends. She has only been wearing sandals this summer and I am interested to see how shoes go this winter because...
  • She takes her shoes off as soon as we get into he car.
  • She loves her baths now that we are not going to the water park anymore. This is the only time she gets to play in the water so she likes it now!
  • She loves to wrestle with her daddy on the floor. If he lays down it is a matter of seconds before she is climbing all over him!
  • She has become stingy with her kisses. It is very rare to get one anymore. However she willingly gives high fives!
  • She tries to put on her own pants and shoes. Thinking she needs some dress-up clothes soon!
  • She loves to play outside. I hope it cools off so we can do more playing outside because she loves her slide.
  • She loves to dance and she will dance anywhere! I gave her my old iPhone, she found the music and turns it on and dances around the house like crazy!
  • She loves to get you! She will run up to you and wrap her arms around you and squeeze, then laugh and run away!
  • She is a laugher! She thinks everything is funny.
  • She loves to tickle and be tickled!
16 Month Stats
weight: 24 lbs 12 oz - 70%
height: 32 in. tall - 80%
head circumference: 47 cm - 74%

Shoulda Stayed Home

Greg decided that he would race in Lawton this weekend. So Saturday morning we got everything around to head out. When I got B up and dressed, she immediately brought me her shoes and said "Daddy!" She knew he was in the shop and she wanted to go out there. So out we went. She even helped load the race car! Greg started it up while she was in there and she loved it!
My fav picture to date

They say bad things happen in sets of threes. It's true. On the way down to Lawton we had a blowout on the trailer! (Bad thing #1) It was super hot but the guys got it changed and we were on our way again. When we got to Lawton B just chilled until it was time to watch Dad race.
B got to watch Greg hot lap and then headed to bed. He started pole (1st) in the heat and won it. That's about the only good thing that happened on this trip. Because while we were waiting around for his feature to start the generator on the truck quit on us! (Bad thing #2) The guys tried to work on it but had no luck!

Greg started pole in the feature which is usually a good thing....not this night! The track was rough and everyone was driving crazy. Greg broke his drive shaft and had a DNF (Did Not Finish). (Bad thing #3) Pretty sure he would have won...but life goes on! We loaded up and headed home. It was a hot ride home because the generator had broke the A/C in the back of the truck wouldn't work. Thank goodness B slept all the way home!

B enjoyed scraping mud off dads car after his hot laps before she had to go to bed! She is such a big helper!
B really loves going racing and hanging with Dad and Uncle Dan!
Bad things definitely happen in threes:
1. Blow out on the trailer!
2. Generator quit!
3. Broke the drive shaft on the race car!

Hopefully we can get it all fixed before we race in Texas!