Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy 5 Months, Brinley

My baby girl turned 5 months old on Tuesday (9-21-10). I cannot believe how fast she is growing. She will be 1/2 a year old this time next month! Where has the time gone?! I got  a few pictures of her. She is very much like her daddy, not to into the camera! I have to get Grandma Jane to help me out to make her laugh and smile for the camera.

What is Brinley up to?!
  • She is eating about every 3 hours during the day, anywhere from 4 - 6 ounces.

  • She gets baby food in the evening. We just started this week, she has had green beans and carrots. She seems to like carrots better, but she will be having something new tomorrow!

  • She still nurses in the morning before I go to work and in the evening after I get home from work.

  • She goes to the sitters during the day and plays with her 2 boys! I think we are going to have a tomboy on our hands! 

  • She is neutral about bath time. She would rather lick/suck on the washrag than be in the tub! Haha!

  • She is sleeping about 8 - 9 hours at night. She goes to bed around 8 or 9 and wakes up around 4 or 5 to eat, and sleeps until 7. She has slept all through the night a handful of times!

  • She is in size 1-2 diapers. I love the half sizes!

  • She is wearing size 0-3 and 3 month clothes. I am not ready for it to get cold because we don't have many long sleeve clothes or pants!

  • She loves to smile and is happy most of the time.

  • She knows her mommy and daddy!

  • She likes to look at and reach for Coco and Socks (Socks is Grandma Jane's and Papa Gene's Boxer).  Coco still doesn't care to much for her, she moves when Brinley touches her (Coco is a little grumpy sometimes). Socks just can't get enough of her and is very protective of Brinley.

  • She loves to be on her belly. If you lay her on her back she will flip over faster than you would believe.

  • She is sitting up, barely on her own! She has to balance herself with her hands. If she picks one up, over she goes!!

  • She is a scooter, usually backwards. I just know that she is going to crawl anyday now!
  • She is reaching for everything and thinks that it should all go in her mouth!
  • She loves her toys, especially if they are easy to chew on!
  • She has started to make lots of noises. She has a growling sound and a squealing sound, and she thinks both of them are funny.
  • She laughs more and more everyday, a true belly laugh! And I LOVE it!
  • She loves to be outside, preferably looking up at a tree!!

5 month statistics
Height - 26.5 in. - 95%
Weight - 16 lbs 11 oz - 88%
Head Circ. - 41.9 cm - 59%

Brinley Nicole,
You bring more joy to our lives than you will ever know! We are so proud to be your parents. It is so exciting to see you learn new things and to watch you grow up. I hope that one day you will know understand how lucky we are to have you and how blesses we are as a family!
Love your mommy and daddy

Monday, September 20, 2010

First Food & A Granny Face

So at Brinley's Doctor approintment, her doctor told me that I should start her on food. A new food every 4 days and start giving her a sippy cup once a day! So last night (9/19/10) was our first night to try food. We had tried using a spoon the first time we gave her cereal but she wasn't to into it so this was also the first time to really use a spoon as well.


She was very interested in the food and enjoyed eating from a spoon! I was very impressed with how well Brinley did eating. She doesn't quite have the tongue reflex to get it o the back of her mouth but she did very good. She kept reaching out for the spoon so I had to hold her hands down.
Wanting More...

Full Tummy!!!
She ate about 1/4 of the jar and was very happy. Here she is with green beans all over herself!

Granny Face
Brinley has been making a new face the last few days. She has learned how to suck in her bottom lip! It is so cute and I can't help but to laugh at her because it makes her look like an old granny without teeth!!
I love it!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Miss Cimarron 2010 and Lahoma Days

Congratulations to my sister Victoria!!!! She is the new 2010 Miss Cimarron!!!!!

I am so proud of her, she did such a good job! There were 8 Miss Contestants (9th - 12th graders) and they all did a wonderful job. I remember doing this pageant when I was in high school and I believe it takes a lot of guts to get up infront of your peers to perform! All the girls did a great job and it was an outstanding evening! Victoria has such poise when she is on the stage and looks gorgeous!!! She is a dancer and her talent was awesome! She had a cute costume and mixed a little ballet with some hip hop/jaz dancing!!! Her formal wear dress was stunning. I have to brag a little here because Victoria won this year as a freshman (the first freshman to ever win)!!! WAY TO GO TORI!!!! I knew you could do it!!!

Miss Cimarron 2010 Victoria Kimbrell with Brinley and I

Vicoria in her dance costume! ( I love it)

Saturday morning was the parade and the Cimarron Review! I entered Miss B in the pageant. There were 4 girls in her age group. She didn't win but we had a great time! She was more interested in eating her dress than she was to give the judges a smile!! HA!

On Stage
(the girl with the big green tutu won)

Here is a pic of her with her participant trophy!!

Turtle Races
We finally found a turtle!!! Thanks to my Aunt Brenda=) We didn't get it till early Friday evening so I didn't have much time to paint it. It was a good thing I already knew how I was going to pain it and went to Hobby Lobby to get the paint just in case we found one last minute!  I thought it was only fitting to dediacte this turtle to daddy since he wasn't able to be here. So here is Brinley's turtle all decorated and taking a rest before the heat race!

Brinley was very excited about going to the turtle races
(I just love these big beautiful eyes)

We had a great turtle. It was fast!!! As soon as the box was lifted it took off. About halfway to the finish line, he had to take a pit stop and due to that he finished 2nd out of 12 turtles. Not to bad for our first turtle race ever!!

Brinley with mommy, her turtle, and her 1st Runner-Up Trophy

After the turtle race we had to go to the FFA dinner/Trophy Auction so Brinley's trophy and turtle could be auctioned off for the Fairboard. A big Thank You to Francis Toews of Toews Farms for buying Brinley's Turtle and Trophy!
Whew!!! I am glad this weekend is over and am ready for Greg to be back home! Hopefully I will have a report on how he does tonight! And maybe we can have a relaxing weekend at home next weekend. HA! Like we will ever have a relaxing weekend, we always have stuff going on!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A weekend without the hubby

This is the first weekend that Brinley and I have spent together without dad since she has been born (almost 5 months ago). It is the big TMS weekend (Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track Race weekend). Greg, Dan, Gene, and Jane left on Thursday morning to head down to Texas. I gotta be honest, I was okay with Greg goin Fri. - Sun. but then at the beginning of the week he says "So we are going down on Thursday so I can practice"! I didn't say anything, just left the room cause I was upset. Not so much that he was leaving B and I for 4 days, but more so because he was leaving to go racing and I couldn't go watch him. I couldn't go because this weekend is Lahoma Days (I teach in Lahoma and grew up there, so I had an obligation to be there.)
On Thursday our regular sitter couldn't watch B so I called Greg's niece Jennifer and she came down from Medford to watch her. Thanks so much Jen and Ady for the help. I know B enjoyed your company! Ady is going to be a big sister soon so I'm sure it was ggod practice for her!!
Anyway it should be a fun and busy weekend! Friday night was the Jr. Miss / Miss Cimarron Pageant. My little sister is a freshman and competed in the Miss Cimarron Pageant. (I'll post more about that later)
Saturday (today) was the parade and the Cimarron Review (the little kid pageant) and this evening is the turtle races, FFA dinner and the trophy auction! B has a turtle and I decorated it. (I will post more about that later as well)!
For your viewing pleasure here are a few pics of B

Enjoying her bath sitting up!

Playing on the floor!

Such a cutie

My little girl on the move!!

Big Girl Crib and Dr. Appt

I think Brinley has finally outgrown her cradle that she sleeps in in our room =( We put her to sleep on her side with her feet as close to the end as we can get them. When she wakes up she is at the other end amost turned around with either a hand or a fot hanging out between the slats over the bumper pad! So Sunday (9/12/10) we rewashed all of her bedding (it has been on her bed since before she was born and I felt it needed to be cleaned). Sunday is bath night so after bath we got her ready for bed and put her down in her big girl crib. I was very sad because this just meant that my baby girl is growing up and I'm not a fan of that yet. I wish she could stay this size for a while! I think it was harder on me than it was on her. I'm not even sure she knew she was in a different bed or even a different room. She slept just as if she were in her cradle only getting up one time to eat and go right back down. She is such a good girl!
Let me tell you this girl sleeps just like her daddy! She is all over the place!! When she woke up to eat she had completely turned herself around and wiggled completely out of her blanket (she goes to sleep better when she is swaddled)!!!

This is how I found her when I got her up to go to the sitters.

She is just to cute when she sleeps!

On Wednesday (9/15/10) Brinley went to the doctor. Here are her stats at 4 1/2 months!
16 lbs. 11 oz. (88%)
26.5 inches long (95%) (hopefully she will be tall like her dad instead of short like her mom)
I can't remember her head circumfrence!
She is a healthy growing baby!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Weekend of Racing

Well it was another busy week of racing. This was probably the best weekend that Brinley has had racing. She was so good the whole time, and she just keeps getting better and better.
Greg took a 1/2 day on Friday and I had a day of professional meetings. So as soon as I got home we (Greg, Brinley, Jane and I) took off for the weekend. We headed to Shawnee to check into our hotel and then off to Meeker America to race. It was a pretty good night. My cousin Harley showed up, thank goodness because I wasn't much help (to busy taking care of B) and his mom didn't know what all to do. Mainly because Dan and his dad do it all. Greg ended up 4th in the feature! Yea Team Burt!
Here is Brinley in her super cute outfit G-ma Jane and I made for her!

And Brinley and her daddy

Saturday we woke up early enough to eat the compimentary breakfast at the hotel (I love waffles) and then Brinley and I went to the mall while Greg and Jane went to the casino! After they gambled away their money and I spent mine we loaded up and headed to Muskogee, checked into our hotel and then off to the race track. It wasn't as good of an evening of racing as the night before :(. Greg was running in 9th and the hood flew up over the window and he had to pull off cause he couldn't see. To make matters worse, he didn't have much help! The only good thing was that we weren't driving home that night! This morning we got up ate breakfast again (I love me some waffles) and headed home.

Greg watching the races next to his car

Brinley's first time to wear jeans! It got a little cold!

Other than going to the grocery store it has been a lazy day and tomorrow will be another one because it is Labor Day and both Greg and I are off of work. 1 more day with my baby girl before we get back to the grinding stone!
Hope everyone had a great and safe labor day weekend!
Till next time...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nothing Much

Not much happened today, except I forgot everything possible that I needed to send with Brinley or take to work myself. Our regular sitter couldn't watch Brinley today so her G-ma Jane kept her for us. Greg took her over there and after I left the house to head to work Greg called and said I forgot to put her milk in the bag. CRAP....So I had to turn around and go back to get it. Then on my way back I had to wait on a train!!!! Which made me 15 minutes late for work. Then I went to pump on my break and realized that I had forgotten to put more milk storage bags in my bag so thank goodness I realized this before I had everything out, and that the kitchen had zip-lock baggies that I could use. It was just a crazy day. And it was picture day at school, YEA!
Now I should be packing for our racing trip this weekend. We are going to Meeker tomorrow and Muskogee on Saturday! Hopefully Greg has some luck on the track! We want another win!
Here is a pic of B and I before daddy took her to Gma's house!
I blinked but B is super cute!! (I may be a little biased!)

The most exciting thing I have done today is schedule B's 6 month pictures for the beginning of November! I can't wait!

~We hope you all have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!