Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Maleah!

My cousin Maleah (Amanda's oldest girl) turned 5 on Monday 7-18-11. She had her birthday party at Splash Zone.
Of course Brinley had a great time. She loved playing in the water as always. She really enjoyed it because there were so many kids there that she knew! Maleah raked it in. She got lots of neat gifts. She is a very lucky girl!
I let Brinley hold this capri sun all by herself. This doesn't happen often because she usually squeezes all the juice out of them. But she took a few drinks with out loosing any of the juice. As soon as she saw the cupcakes the juice was put down.
Brinley loved the cupcake. The first thing she did was poke her fingers in the icing and lick them. She usually doesn't like sweets, but I think she enjoyed it so much because there was no parental control. I just let her do what she wanted. We were outside at a water park. I wasn't to worried about having to clean up a big mess.
She dug right in and pretty Mich finished the entire thing. After she finished the cupcake she drank some water and back to the pool she went. We had a great time. Thanks so much Maleah for inviting us.
You are such a sweet girl. Brinley and I are so happy that you are part of our family. We love spending time with you at Splash Zone. I know Brinley loves going down the slide with you and I thank you very much for helping her like you always do. You are almost like a big sister to her.
We love you very much,
Becky and Brinley

Happy 15 months Brinley!

Brinley turned 15 months old on Thursday 7-21-11! I know I am a bit late on posting but better late than never.
Can this really be true? It is so hard believe that my precious little baby girl is now a toddler. Where have her infant days gone to? No I do not have baby fever, B is just growing up way to fast!
What is Brinley up too?!
  • Her schedule: wakes up between 9-10am and has a sippy cup of milk and some breakfast, 12pm - lunch, 2:30ish - nap, 6pm - dinner, 7:30pm - bath and milk, 8pm - bedtime.
  • She snacks all day. mainly on animal crackers or grapes.
  • She wants to eat whatever you are eating at the time and by no means is she a picky eater.
  • She loves grapes and watermelon.
  • She has started drinking juice out of the box, but she loves water.
  • She runs everywhere. It is so funny because she swings her right arm like crazy when she does it.
  • Words Brinley says: peas (please), uh-uh (no), no-no, me (when she wants something), hi, bye-bye, momma, dadda, baby, papa (she no longer just whispers this word), ba (bath and sippy), toto (Coco), tee (teeth), nana, mine, eat, bite,sho (shoe)  and she babbles a lot! She will have a conversation with you if you keep answering her back.
  • She has started talking on her phone.
  • She has started to play with her baby dolls. She loves them and feeds them. Makes my heart melt!
  • She sleeps 12 -13 hours at night. Since I don't have to get up to go to work for the summer I let her sleep as long as she wants to.
  • She has 8 teeth, 4 on top and 4 on the bottom.
  • She is cutting 8 more teeth,  4 on the top and 4 on the bottom (2 on each side of the ones she already has).
  • She is still in size 3 diapers.
  • She still wears a size 3 shoe.
  • She can still wear 12 month clothes but we are slowly moving into 12-18 month clothes. 18 month stuff is still to big.
  • She gets to stay home with me for a few more weeks.
  • She loves the water park.
  • She is starting to hate her baths again. Crazy because she loves playing in the water at the water park.
  • She goes to the door when you ask her if she wants to go bye-bye. She can reach the doorknob and tries with all her might to turn it.
  • She pulls out her highchair when she is ready to eat.
  • She loves to trick daddy! She makes kissy sounds and when he gets to her for a kiss, she turns and runs away laughing hysterically.
  • She doesn't like to weat shoes. She takes them off the minutes she gets in the car or walks in the door.
  • She gives kisses and high fives.
  • She helps me put her clothes on. She puts her arms in the sleeves and her legs in her pants by herself for the most part.
  • She know where her belly button, ears, and nose are. We are working on those words as well.
  • She will throw things away for you.
  • She will go to the door and yell for Coco when she is outside.
  • She loves to slide. I got her one at a garage sale and I can't get her off of it when it is time to come in the house.
  • She claps when you tell her good job or say yeah!
  • She loves to ride in her stroller and her red wagon.
Brinley Nicole,
I have no words to tell you how much I love you. My heart just explodes every time I look at you. Even when you are throwing your little big tantrums. I hope that your daddy and I are raising you to know right from wrong. You are the most precious thing that I could ever ask for and I thank God everyday for choosing me to be your mommy! I love you sweet baby girl!

A Dusty Night

After Greg got home from work we loaded up and headed to Meeker to race. It has been quite a while since Greg has raced anywhere. He took a few weeks off because it has been so hot. It was still hot but we were both beginning to miss it, racing that is! B loves going racing because she gets to be outside and run around, play in the dirt, and work on the car. I think her daddy will appreciate this once she actually knows what she is doing? Ha!
Brinley go to stay up late this night. I forgot her sippy cup of milk so Uncle Dan grabbed it on his way out of town and didn't get to the track until about 9:30 or so. It was almost time for Greg's heat race when he go there so I just let Brin stay up to watch her daddy race because she was enjoying it. I don't remember where he started in the heat race but he finished 3rd. Brinley just sat on my lap and watch the whole race without a peep! I kept pointing her daddy out to her but I don't think she recognizes that he is out there yet! It will come in time!
After the heat race we gave B a bath and put her to bed. Have I mentioned lately how much I love having the toter as opposed to the truck?! It is so nice to be able to put B to sleep in there and not have to worry about her or have her up fussing all night because she is fighting sleep! It is wonderful! Not to mention it is a great escape from the heat on these wonderful hot summer night!
Greg started 6th row inside (11th) for the A Feature. They took the green flag and on the first lap there was so much dust that I could barely see any of the cars on the track. One car spun out and it was a pile up after that. Thank goodness Greg made it through. All the drivers pulled in and Brill (the guy that runs the track) tried to do a little dirt work but it was not a success. By this time it was 12:45am. He gave the guys the option of having their start money and going home or coming back next week and running it before all the other races. Greg took his start money and we went home because he will be racing in Salina and Enid next week. Smart thinking if you ask me!

A Baby Shower

I completely forgot to post about a good friend's baby shower. Roxi's high school friends threw her a baby shower on Saturday (7-16-11). I helped to throw her a surprise shower at work a few months ago. It was nice to enjoy this one instead of hosting it. It was very nice and I think Roxi is set up and ready for this baby to be here.
Me, B, and the Mommy to be (Roxi)
Roxi and Butch are having a baby girl. I can't wait for B to have a play date!!! They haven't picked a name yet but I am rooting for Roxi's choice. Butch's is cute to but I am a fan of Roxi's. I won't be a spoiler so you'll just have to wait till she is born to find out what they name her.
B enjoyed running free and cheesing it up for all the guests.
Thanks for inviting us Roxi. Brinley and I had a great time. I hope that you get your sleep before she baby gets here. I can't wait to meet Baby H.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cooling off in the heat!!

I haven't posted much since our Branson trip because we haven't been doing much except catching some rays at the water park. It's been nice to just relax and spend time with Brinley. I only have about 2 1/2 weeks before I have to report back to work:(
On Wednesday (7-20-11) we went to White Water Bay with my cousins and their girls (Stacie, Courtney, Maddie, Jorge, Amanda, Maleah, and Addison). It was a girls day out at the water park.
Brin had had a great time. She got a little fussy when she started getting tired but she did great. We started off by playing in the kiddie pool. It was pretty busy when we got there but B found a slide that she could climb up and go down on her own. I just had to stand at the bottom to catch her because it made me nervous!
I wanted to take B down a big ride. The only one she could go down on my lap was the Big Kahuna. The line was very long and did fine waiting until we got near the top. She was tired of being corralled. This girl is just like her mom and dad. When we would go on a small drop off she would grit her teeth and hold her breath. She wasnt' scared until we went under the waterfall. She hates water being poured on her head.
We all had a good time. I enjoy this place but it is a bit expensive. I won't be going back until B can swim on her own. The kiddie pool is way to busy and it made me way to nervous to just let her wonder on her own like I do at the water park in our home town.
We were there from 11am to 4 pm. We went to eat at Texas Roadhouse and them headed home. I was hoping B would sleep on the way back but she was wide awake and enjoyed wearing Maddie's shades!
Thursday (7-21-11) Taryn came over to hang out. We went to Splash Zone and had a great time. Brinley loved riding down the slide with Taryn and splashing in the water. I just can't keep her out of it!
After Taryn left we ate dinner and went out to the shop to help dad work on the race car. Dan and Alea came over. Alea invited B and I to go to Cherry berry with her. That was a no brainer!!! Cherry Berry is a new Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt store in our town. I love it! So does Brin!!!
My favorite has been Birthday Cake, but yesterday I got their new flavor Peanut Butter!!! It was delicious. B and I had a nice tasty treat. Thanks Alea for inviting us to go with you. We had a great time.
We are getting ready to go racing in Meeker tonight so hopefully I will have some pics to share in a post tomorrow.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Branson: Day 5

Monday (7/11/11)
Day 5 was spent packing and driving home! Once again Brinley woke us up early, although not quite as early as every other day! We all got around and packed up the Tahoe and headed for home. We didn't go home the same way we came. However the view was very much the same until we got farther west.
We decided to go through Springfield because I wanted to eat at Lambert's which is just a few miles south of Springfield. When we go there isn't wasn't quite lunch time so we decided to head on north and go to Bass Pro in Springfield. This is the Granddaddy of them all!
Inside there was a NASCAR race car that Dale Earnhardt Sr. drove during the 1998 Winston All-Star race. This was not a replica/show car. It was the real deal!

There were lots of fish tanks and Brinley really enjoyed watching them. She stood at this one for a long time and then decided daddy needed to see them too, so she went and got him! This girl loves the outdoors.
After Bass Pro we headed back to Lambert's. Home of the "throwed rolls"! If you haven't eaten here you are missing out. This place is yummy. Their rolls are to die for and they throw them at you when you want one. They have pass arounds that everyone gets to enjoy and their portions are way to much but you just can't help yourself. Greg and his parents had never been there before and they enjoyed it.
Next stop Oklahoma!! It was long drive but we made it and it felt so good to be back home, well almost! HaHa
After entering Oklahoma we had to make a stop at the McDonald's over the road. Brinley needed a Strawberry Banana Smoothie and we all needed to take a bathroom break.

It was nice to finally be home. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Although it was also nice to get away. I think we all enjoyed our vacation and are not ready to get back to reality. Who am I kidding?! My reality is a vacation, at least until school starts back up again it is! HaHa! I am looking forward to spending the rest of my summer with B and not so much looking forward to having to go back to work and leave her with a sitter. But such is life!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Branson: Day 4

Sunday (7/10/11)
No Pictures! (Insert sad face here)!
Day 4 was spent shopping! We went to a little craft strip mall that our resort lady told us about and then headed to Tanger Outlet Mall! We ate lunch at El Charro on the strip. It was delicious, but then again I love Mexican food. After lunch we headed down to the old Branson and went into a Dick's 5 and 10. I had no idea what this place was. Jane and Gene said that when they were young they were called "5 and Dime stores" because everything was either 5 or 10 cents. They had everything and anything you could possibly think of! After walking around downtown we headed back to the cabin to cook dinner and just hang out for the evening. Brinley and I took a little swim and then we all got ready to go to bed. A relaxing day!!
Stay tuned for Day 5, our drive home!

Branson: Day 3

Saturday (7/9/11)
Once again Brinley woke us up at 6:45am!! This girl must have been excited to be on vacation because she stayed up late and woke up early every day! But it's vacation so who cares....right?! Since B got up so early we went out onto the deck to have some breakfast! Who doesn't love Raisin Brand...and this face?!
We decided the night before that we would rent a boat and spend some time on the lake. I had only been on a boat 1 other time and I had never been tubing. This was Brinley's 1st time on a boat and in a lake. We rented this pontoon boat for 4 hours.

B wasn't too happy about having to wear her life jacket the whole time but she soon got used to it. I was a little worried she wouldn't like being in the water because she wouldn't be able to touch and she likes to run around at the water park.

I was right. She only liked it about long enough for us to get a decent picture. She had just as much fun running around on the deck and watching everyone else tube. She also loved helping Papa drive.
Brinley and Gma Jane sat at the back of the boat to watch Greg and I tube. When we would fall off B would turn to Gma and say "uh-oh"
The boat didn't have as much power as Greg would have liked to whip us around but I was just fine with it as this was my very first time to tube. I was very skeptical and wasn't so sure I would enjoy it. Boy was I wrong. I had a blast and can't wait until I can do it again!
B even got to tube. Here we are getting ready to go out. Let me just tell you that Greg and I are in trouble as soon as this one can drive something with a motor or that is gas powered. She was not happy unless we were going fast enough to splash water up so she could it. Papa was nervous about driving that fast so her ride didn't last too long!
Greg and I even talked Gma and Papa into tubing. Jane didn't last long because it hurt her knees really bad but I give her props for trying it. B liked watching her at least. She is gonna kill me for posting this picture but I just had too do it! Gene rode it out for a while, but wouldn't go again. I think he enjoyed trying to throw Greg and I off more that anything! HaHa
After the lake we cooked lunch at the cabin. Brinley took and nap and Greg and I headed into Branson to go to the Our Body Exhibit. This was a little freaky but very interesting. You get to see all the different parts of the body, and I mean everything. These exhibits are real life bodies...CREEPY! I know that my mom would enjoy this because she is a nurse.
After that Greg and I grabbed some Andy's Frozen Custard and headed back to the cabin. By then B was up and ready to play! We spend quite and while our in the play area. She absolutely loved this Little Tykes Playhouse! I think I'm gonna have to try and find one at a garage sale! She also like riding being pushed around on the bike.

After today I was we were all worn smooth out! We all went to bed early because tomorrow would be our last day in Branson!
Stay tuned for day 4!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Branson: Day 2

Friday (7/8/11)
Day 2 started early!!! B woke us up at 6:30! She is such a good sleeper when we are at home, but anytime we are away she is up and at 'em early! We all got around and headed into town. Our first stop was the Titanic Museum.
I loved the movie and am very interested in history that I can go see. It was wonderful. B didn't enjoy it so much and thanks you Gma Jane for entertaining her so I could read everything I wanted to! When you enter you are given a boarding pass and at the end you can see if you are a survivor or if you passed with the sinking of the ship! everyone survived except Gene!
I was married to a 47 yr old man who was the richest passenger on the Titanic. I was his 18 yr. old pregnant mistress. There was a picture of me and my husband and a replica of our 1st class cabin room which was large compared to the 3rd class cabin rooms. Hard to believe that such a small room was a big luxury. Brinley was a 1st class passenger as well. Greg was also a 1st class passenger and he also brought many dogs with him. As soon as you walk in there is an iceberg that you can touch. They have a deck chair that was actually on the Titanic. It was amazing.  

After the Titanic we ate lunch at a Waffle House and then headed to Branson Landing to "Ride the Ducks". It is a land/water tour of the city.
This contraption is an amphibious truck. Brinley enjoyed it. Here are some of the sites we saw on our tour.

When you purchase your ticket you get a duck bill. Brinley wanted us to blow on it all the time. She just smiled and laughed every time.
 Here is a picture of another duck on the water. It makes a huge splash when it enters. Our tour was of Lake Tanycomo and the old Branson. The water in this lake is COLD!
After the Ride the Duck Tour we walked around Branson Landing and ate dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ. Delicious! Their BBQ was wonderful. Brinley loved the ribs and corn on the cob. There are lots of shops on Branson Landing and Greg loved the Pepper Palace. They have lots of dips, rubs, and marinades of all kinds. Greg loves to cook on the grill and could spend hours in this place if I let him.
 Brinley thought it was hilarious for Papa to chase her around. She would take off running and he would try to catch her and she would just laugh uncontrollably.
It isn't easy to get a family picture anymore with this busy girl! She is always on the go and never wants to be still.
B and grandma looking at the boats in the water.
We had a great day and there is still more to come. 3 days in fact. After hanging our at Branson Landing we headed back to the cabin. We drove down HWY 76 "the strip" for the first time on our way back "home". There are so many things to do. It is so busy, bumper to bumper traffic, especially when a show is over and everyone is trying to get out.
 Stay tuned for Day 3 of our trip!